Educational Efforts

Refuse/Recycling Education: How Can The Village Improve?

Since 2016, the Village of Weston has been teaming up with Advanced Disposal and the Marathon County Solid Waste Department to conduct a waste audits. The inspections occur in the morning before the trucks collect the refuse and recycling. For the waste audit, the team inspects refuse and recycling carts of randomly selected residential homes to observe how items are being discarded. We are simply observing the refuse and recycling carts; items are not removed from the carts.

The purpose of this is for the Village, Advanced Disposal, and the Solid Waste Department to understand how effective the recycling program is and what the Village can do to improve awareness and education. Based on the findings of the audit, the Village can determine if there is a need for more education on how and why it is beneficial to recycle. It is not intended to assess how well residents recycle but rather, what the Village of Weston can do to further improve the recycling program.

The houses that are chosen for this event will be notified in a positive way with the results of the waste audit. There will be no release of any confidential information about the waste audit or any personal items that may be seen during the inspections.

Watch this page for a full summary of our observations that will be posted here once this project has been completed.