Yard & Material Pick Up

2018 Fall Yard & Material Pick Up

2018 Fall Curbside Yard Material and Brush Pickup is scheduled for the week of October 15th. There will only be TWO trip through the Village and materials MUST be out to the roadside by 7:00 AM on the scheduled day of pickup. Please see map below to see what dates pickup will occur in your neighborhood. Any material that is placed out after the last scheduled pickup day will not be picked up. Residents can always take material to the Village’s recycling site located at 8200 Ryan St. The Village has updated its yard material pickup process in order to give residents more accurate information regarding when the service will be provided. Please see the image of the map identifying when pickup will occur in your neighborhood.

During collection times, unbagged piles are to be placed clear of power poles, trees, mailboxes and other fixed objects for ease of pickup and to prevent damage to these other facilities. Brush is to be kept SEPARATE from yard materials and placed at the roadside with stump ends of limbs placed in the same direction, parallel to the road. If yard material cannot be reached by the Village's equipment, it will be the responsibility of the resident to dispose of the remaining material.

In order to expedite the process, please have unbagged yard materials (leaves, grass, pine needles, etc.) and brush, less than six (6) inches in diameter, placed on the shoulder.

Weston V-Chat Video - Yard Waste Materials Site and Pickup

Yard Material Site (8200 Ryan St)

Brush and yard materials can be brought to the Village's Material Recycling Site (free of charge) located at 8200 Ryan Street (1/4 mile south of Weston Ave). When bringing items to the Recycling Site, please remove all materials from bags and dispose of material in the appropriate areas and throw bags away in the provided container.

2018 Fall Yard Pick Up