Why do we need to replace our Municipal Building?

The proposed construction will replace an outdated and unsuitable main building including the public works garage. It will replace a collection of cold storage outbuildings and allow all emergency response vehicles and equipment to be stored in a minimally heated space.  There is no space in the current facility to create separation between the equipment bay and machinery for metal working such as welders, band saw, bearing press, lathe, etc. which are safety issues.  Existing buildings have poor insulation, inadequate HVAC equipment, and poor security features, allowing for unrestricted and unauthorized access.  Staff labor is redirected to building maintenance and emergency response is hampered by cramped conditions and time lost, particularly for winter operations.  The proposed project will also combine park operations offices and equipment with other Village administration and equipment at one site.

The first Municipal Building(s) at 5500 Schofield Avenue date back to 1956. As the Town and Village have grown over 60+ years, the main building, garage, and the site have been renovated and remodeled about every 10 years. More recently the Village has struggled to meet changing needs for technology, energy efficiency, and building security. The Village retained Kueny Architects of Pleasant Prairie, WI, in 2015 to conduct a condition assessment of the Municipal Buildings at all sites including Public Safety and Parks. Kueny’s recommendation was to REPLACE the existing administrative offices and public works garages, combining also with parks administration, at a central site. Major points include:

  • The Municipal Buildings have outlived their useful life
  • Renovation of the existing garage and office would not be cost effective (see FAQ #2)
  • The public works garage is inadequate for the Village’s needs in maintaining a modern equipment fleet.
  • Office space is inadequate
  • Asbestos in the existing building needs to be abated if remodeling is done
  • The facility is not compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems need costly upgrade

2016 Presentation

2018 Presentation

Consider that Weston is the second largest municipality in Marathon County with a current population of just over 15,000 expected to increase to over 22,000 by 2040, representing half of the expected growth in Marathon County over the next 20 years.  A modern facility to serve the next generation…and beyond…is needed.  

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1. Why do we need to replace our Municipal Building?
2. Was renovation of the existing building(s) considered?
3. How much will the project cost?
4. The original facilities study in 2016 estimated the project would cost between $12 and $13 million. Why has the estimate gone up to possibly 15 million?
5. How will the project affect my taxes?
6. If we don’t construct the new building will my taxes remain the same or even go down?
7. Why was a new site selected?
8. What will we do with the existing site and the buildings?
9. How does the new facility compare to the current one?
10. Will the new building include technology which improves energy efficiency and conservation of resources?
11. Will this be built by local businesses and contractors as to keep money in the local economy?
12. Does this project require a referendum?
13. In summary, has the need for this project been adequately evaluated?