If we don’t construct the new building will my taxes remain the same or even go down?

This project is one of many the Village needs to consider as it plans for continuing to provide services to the taxpayers. The condition of our facilities impacts our delivery of services and ultimately the value of your property.

If the building project is not done there certainly would be less money borrowed in total for capital projects – those that replace deteriorated assets like buildings, streets, bridges, sidewalks, etc. However, it is not realistic to think these assets will not require replacement over time (just as a homeowner must replace things like their roof, driveway, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or other parts of their property that have a finite useful life). Deferring a project does not eliminate the need, it only kicks the can down the road and makes it more costly in the future.

So, the answer to the question is, sure, the Village portion of property taxes for debt would remain lower for some time, but the need for a new facility does not go away and future Village residents will pay more.

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1. Why do we need to replace our Municipal Building?
2. Was renovation of the existing building(s) considered?
3. How much will the project cost?
4. The original facilities study in 2016 estimated the project would cost between $12 and $13 million. Why has the estimate gone up to possibly 15 million?
5. How will the project affect my taxes?
6. If we don’t construct the new building will my taxes remain the same or even go down?
7. Why was a new site selected?
8. What will we do with the existing site and the buildings?
9. How does the new facility compare to the current one?
10. Will the new building include technology which improves energy efficiency and conservation of resources?
11. Will this be built by local businesses and contractors as to keep money in the local economy?
12. Does this project require a referendum?
13. In summary, has the need for this project been adequately evaluated?