In summary, has the need for this project been adequately evaluated?

Replacement of the current Municipal Facility at 5500 Schofield Avenue has been considered since 1999, just 3 years following the Village’s incorporation.  The original facilities were built at a time (1956) when the Village’s population was under 3,000.  Consider that Weston is now the second largest municipality in Marathon County with a current population of just over 15,000 expected to increase to over 22,000 by 2040, representing half of the expected growth in Marathon County over the next 20 years.  The Village has outgrown its “home.” A modern facility that can serve Village taxpayers effectively and efficiently for the next generation…and beyond…is needed. 

The current facility creates inefficiencies in the use of taxpayer dollars such as:

  • Insufficient space to park and for employees to gain access to and mobilize emergency response vehicles without moving multiple vehicles.
  • Insufficient shop and mechanic space
  • Cold storage outbuildings for vehicle and equipment storage hampering winter operations
  • Poorly configured HVAC equipment requiring frequent maintenance attention by Village staff and contractors.
  • Labor redirected to building maintenance or wasted due to inefficiencies which could otherwise be devoted to service; e.g. building inspector’s time on HVAC, electrical and plumbing issues; “Truck Tetris,” etc.

The current building poses safety concerns in today’s world where control of entry by non-employees and multiple exit options for occupants have become necessities. 

Attempting to sink millions of dollars into the existing facility is not the answer. 

There is a consensus opinion among the members of the Building Committee that a new facility is needed.  On December 9, 2020, the Committee unanimously approved forwarding the recommendation to proceed with completing design of a new municipal facility to the Village Board.  The design and bidding documents are to include some alternate bid items to consider upon opening of bids. 

There are still details to determine and more public outreach to follow.  The goal is to have a facility that allows Village staff to serve the taxpayers of the Village of Weston effectively by working more efficiently. 

Building to Serve.

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1. Why do we need to replace our Municipal Building?
2. Was renovation of the existing building(s) considered?
3. How much will the project cost?
4. The original facilities study in 2016 estimated the project would cost between $12 and $13 million. Why has the estimate gone up to possibly 15 million?
5. How will the project affect my taxes?
6. If we don’t construct the new building will my taxes remain the same or even go down?
7. Why was a new site selected?
8. What will we do with the existing site and the buildings?
9. How does the new facility compare to the current one?
10. Will the new building include technology which improves energy efficiency and conservation of resources?
11. Will this be built by local businesses and contractors as to keep money in the local economy?
12. Does this project require a referendum?
13. In summary, has the need for this project been adequately evaluated?