About Us

Just the Right Kind of Place

When you’re in Weston, being part of something comes easy. It’s not about fitting in, it’s about finding what’s here for you. Because once you’ve arrived there’s a lot to choose from. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Top-ranked schools and a state of the art hospital systems; attractive neighborhoods with appealing tax rates and a diverse selection of recreational opportunities; shopping centers and nightlife choices; all of these just scratch the surface of what you’ll find here.

We’re proud to be part of Wisconsin central time. It’s that unique way we do things around here, how we go about our lives and most importantly, just enjoying where we live. Because if there’s one thing we understand in Weston, it’s time; whether that’s “time well-spent,” “me-time,” or simply realizing that “it’s about time.”

What's Next?

We’re always looking ahead trying to find a way to make things better, make things happen. That’s why once you arrive in Weston, like the rest of us, you’ll find yourself asking, “what’s next?” Is it our young families? Or our proven principles? Whatever it may be, Weston is a place where it’s not which trail you take, it’s how you travel it. Then again, it could be that we’re close enough to everything, but far enough away to live in the moment.

So if it’s finding a certain lifestyle or maybe that balance you’ve always been looking for, it’s right here. And we’re sure that once you’ve stepped foot into Weston, you’ll be proud to be part of it, too.