The Village of Weston real estate taxes (property taxes) are due in full by January 31st each year or first installments due by January 31st. Special Assessment charges and other charges included on the tax bill must be paid in full by January 31st.

The second installment after January 31st must be made to the Marathon County Treasurer office by July 31st.

If no first installment or less than the first installment was made to the Village by January 31st , the balance due is subject to interest and penalty starting February 1st and needs to be made payable to Marathon County Treasurer by July 31st. Please reach out to to Marathon County for final amount due.

The tax bill format provides for remittance advice at the bottom of the tax bill. Please detach the advice and remit with payment. 

The Village of Weston has several payment methods including: pay in person at Village Hall or participating banks, mail your payment or use the drop box, credit/debit card or echeck payment. Please make payment by January 31st.

2023 Taxes