Town of Weston Zoning

The Village of Weston Planning and Development Department currently provides the Planning, Zoning and Building Inspections services for the Town of Weston. For zoning purposes the majority of the Town is governed by the Village's ETZ (Extraterritorial Zoning) Code instead of the Town of Weston Zoning Code. 

To determine which Zoning Code applies to your property, please refer to the Town of Weston Zoning Map below. The area within the red box on the map is within the ETZ area and therefore the ETZ Zoning Code would guide development within this area of the Town.

Town of Weston Official Zoning Map (May 2014)

​Town of Weston
Town of Weston Zoning Code 

Town of Weston Applications and Permits

Extraterritorial Zoning
Chapter 95 Extraterritorial Zoning Code

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Milton Olson
Town of Weston Chairman
Phone: 715-842-5397

Joan Erdman
Town of Weston Clerk/Treasurer
Phone: 715-359-9031

Jennifer Higgins
Town of Weston Zoning Administrator
Phone: 715-359-6114

Scott Tatro
Town of Weston Building Inspector
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