January Christmas Tree Pick-Up

Advanced Disposal Services will be picking up Christmas trees that are set out for disposal during the month of January. Trees must be cut so that they are no more than 4-feet in length, placed on their side, and set within a reasonable reach for Advanced Disposal's driver. Please do not stand trees into snowbanks, as the trunks may get frozen into the snowbank, making it difficult for the driver to handle the tree.  Trees will be collected on regular garbage days. We strongly encourage residents to get their trees out for collection within the first few weeks of January to guarantee that they will be picked up.

If your tree has been out, and Advanced Disposal's driver has not collected your tree, please call Advanced Disposal Services, at 715-359-6637, right away to find out if there is a reason it was left. Any trees that are out, and not collected during the month of January, is the responsibility of the resident to take care of.

If you do not want to wait for Advanced Disposal's driver to pick up your tree, a few options to consider are:

*Deliver your tree to Advanced Disposal during their office hours and ONLY during the month of January.
*Delivering your tree to Marathon County Solid Waste during their office hours year-round.