2018 America Recycles Day Contest

America Recycles Day, November 15th

The Village of Weston, along with our partners Marathon County Solid Waste and Advanced Disposal Services, would like to celebrate America Recycles Day, through their annual contest.

During the week of November 5th – November 9th, Village households will have the opportunity to win prizes for being identified as “One and Done Marathon Recyclers.”

In order to identify qualifying households, during November 5th – 9th, recycling and waste carts of randomly selected households will be inspected by the route drivers from Advanced Disposal  A “One and Done Marathon Recycler” household will have a recycling cart without contamination and a waste cart with no recyclables (both carts need to be out). 

Addresses of qualifying households will be posted on the Village’s website.  Then during the week of America Recycles Day, qualifying addresses will be placed in a drawing for one of several great prizes!

Contact Valerie Parker, Planning Technician, at 715-241-2607 or vparker@westonwi.gov, with any questions you may have on this event.

Happy Recycling!

TV - Gift Cards
Gift Cards


Monday, November 5th:
Gerald & Suzanne Grim, 2502 Hardwood Ave
Virgil Schreiner, 8903 Buska St
Matt & Jodi Berndt, 9003 Buska St
Paul & Dawn Waldvogel, 9109 Buska St
Dennis Kowalski, 8407 Windsor Dr

Tuesday, November 6th:
John Fech & Sue Clug-Fech, 5807 Rogan Ln
Nick & Kelly Erickson, 5811 Rogan Ln
Robert & Jane Kemp, 6112 Babl Ln
Andrew Schell, 5210 Arrow St
Diane Stolz & Thomas Ebacher, 5106 Arrow St
Robert & Sandra Bowen, 5211 Arrow St

Wednesday, November 7th:
Mark & Katheryn Johnson, 4202 River Bend Rd
Todd & Mary Hagedorn, 6407 Red Oak Ct
Chindanoor Rajesh, 6409 Red Oak Ct
David & Michelle Marquardt, 6402 Red Oak Ct
Ken & Terry Larsen, 6903 River Bend Rd
Mark & Karen Wyro, 4908 Apache Ln
Kevin & Christine Kirchenwitz, 5002 Apache Ln
Stanley & Jane Hohol, 5102 Apache Ln
Paul & Jessica Kufahl, 5106 Apache Ln
David & Jennifer Neuner, 5202 Apache Ln
Cecil & Karen Walker, 5201 Apache Ln
Edward Purull, 5107 Apache Ln
Leroy & Linda Deland, 5103 Apache Ln
Kurt & Doedie Swanson, 5005 Apache Ln
Charles & Becky Ouimette, 5003 Apache Ln

Thursday, November 8th:
Kevin & Mary Kalenske, 4304 Florlana Ln
Vernon & Christine Williams, 4308 Florlana Ln
Russ & Peggy Wilke, 4400 W Raybelle Dr
Gary & Kathleen Lepak, 4408 W Raybelle Dr
Justin Keller, 4412 W Raybelle Dr
Darrell Bradfish, 4313 W Raybelle Dr
Mary Apfelbeck, 5805 Flambeau St
Nathan & Lisa Ann Weitz, 5807 Flambeau St
Stanley Xiong & Kazoua Moua, 5809 Flambeau St
Daniel & Jamie Dunst, 5903 Flambeau St
John Kreager, 5905 Flambeau St
Denise Stelmacher, 6311 Creel Dr
Jeffory & Jacqueline Karlen, 6403 Creel Dr
Joe & Sara Proulx, 6405 Creel Dr

Friday, November 9th:
Marlene Hitz, 1404 Daley Ave
Thomas & Nancy Bogumill, 1418 Daley St
Joyce Louis, 1506 Daley Ave
Laverne Myer, 1510 Daley Ave
Paul Nielsen, 1616 Daley Ave
Norman & Elizabeth Schultz, 1620 Daley Ave
Gene & Janet Sturm, 1410 Foothill Ave
Jordan Tull & Bailey Dillon, 1612 Foothill Ave
Fred & Linda Bradfish, 1616 Foothill Ave
Mary Rohmeyer, 1818 Laguna Ave
Henry Koerten, 1802 Laguna Ave

Congratulations to the following prize winners:

Gene & Janet Sturm, 1410 Foothill Ave- $25 Condor Coffee gift card
Gary & Kathleen Lepak, 4408 W Raybelle Dr- $25 Trig's gift card
Edward Purull, 5107 Apache Ln- $25 Patron gift card
David & Jennifer Neuner, 5202 Apache Ln- $25 Red Clover Market gift card
Matt & Jodie Berndt, 9003 Buska St- $25 Sam's Pizza gift card

Kurt & Doedie Swanson, 5005 Apache Ln- 55" 6 Series Samsung UHD TV


Pictured from left to right:
Valerie Parker, Planning Technician, Village of Weston,
Meleesa Johnson, Director, Marathon County Solid Waste Department
Doedie and Kurt Swanson, TV Winners!
Gary Gartmann, General Manager, Advanced Disposal Services


We want to remind everyone that now more than ever, it is important to Recycle Right!

Never, ever put garbage in the recycling bin.

Never, ever place plastic bags or film in the recycling bin.

Never, ever place grease-soaked or soiled paper products in the recycling bin.

Never, ever place large plastic items in the recycling bin.

Never, ever place batteries, light bulbs or waste oil in the recycling bin.

Never, ever placed household hazardous waste in the recycling bin.

The yard waste site is located at 8200 Ryan St Weston, WI or you can contact Advanced Disposal for a yard waste recycling cart (at a cost).

Always check the Village’s list of recyclables required to be recycled.

When in doubt call the Marathon County Solid Waste & Recycling Information Line: 877-270-3989, Advanced Disposal Services: 715-359-6637, or the Village of Weston 715-359-6114.