Sample Electrical Floor Plan

Below is a sample electrical floor plan drawing. This can be used as an outline for a future submission to the Village of Weston. Your sample electrical floor site plan should include the following:
- Unbroken wall space of 24" or more in habitable room needs an outlet
- Wall space between outlets not greater than 12'
- Hallway of 10' or longer needs at least 1 outlet 
- New circuits need AFCI circuit breakers
- Wall space between outlets not greater than 12'
- First outlet is within 6' of entering a room
- Smoke alarms/smoke co alarms must be hard wired and interconnected.
- No smoke alarms are installed within 3' of bathroom door
If you have any questions regarding your site plan, please contact the Village of Weston at 715-241-2613

Sample electrical floor plan