Results of 2019 America Recycles Day Contest

America Recycles Day, November 15th

The Village of Weston, along with our partners Marathon County Solid Waste and Advanced Disposal Services, would like to celebrate America Recycles Day, through their annual contest.

During the week of November 4th – November 8th, Village households will have the opportunity to win prizes for being identified as “One and Done Marathon Recyclers.”

In order to identify qualifying households, during November 4th – 8th, recycling and waste carts of randomly selected households will be inspected by the route drivers from Advanced Disposal A “One and Done Marathon Recycler” household will have a recycling cart without contamination and a waste cart with no recyclables (both carts need to be out).

Addresses of qualifying households will be posted on the Village’s website. Then during the week of America Recycles Day, qualifying addresses will be placed in a drawing for one of several great prizes (see below)!

Contact Valerie Parker, Planning Technician, at 715-241-2607 or, with any questions you may have on this event.

Happy Recycling!




Kurt Baumann, 9959 Siberian Drive
Anthony Loss, 9945 Siberian Drive
Kevin & Lisa Kujawa, 9933 Siberian Drive
Nicole Kamps, 9921 Siberian Drive
Chuefeng & Kelly Her, 9885 Siberian Drive
Dan & April Shern, 9873 Siberian Drive
Scott Jansen & Sally Wadzinski, 9861 Siberian Drive
Denise Howland, 9849 Siberian Drive
Michael & Heidi Murphy, 9837 Siberian Drive
Benjamin & Mary Solheim, 9825 Siberian Drive
Matthew Moore & Sara Nikolai, 9805 Siberian Drive
Thomas & Jennifer Ruether, 9800 Siberian Drive
Robert & Jennifer Sajdak, 9105 Windemere Place
Thaddeus & Nohemi Klabacha, 9103 Windemere Place
Julie Weller, 9007 Windemere Place
Kristine James, 9003 Windemere Place
Scott Atkinson, 9004 Windemere Place
Gerald & Lynn Petska, 9006 Windemere Place
Scott & Linda Doescher, 9010 Windemere Place
Kayla & Ryan Stever, 9102 Windemere Place
Frank & Jacklyn Chartier, 9104 Windemere Place

Anthony & Shiloh Martino, 5803 Thomas Avenue
Mai Moua, 5811 Thomas Avenue
Roxanne Schuster, 6007 Thomas Avenue
Donald & Kathleen Ruenger, 6107 Thomas Avenue
Jean & Scott Laffin, 6111 Thomas Avenue
Kelly Witucki & George Dellich, 5002 Heather Street
Jerelyn & Bruce Weinke, 5006 Heather Street
John Stieber, 6106 Rogan Lane
Jane Moritz & Terry Sabatke, 6102 Rogan Lane
Claudia & Jonathon Olson, 6002 Rogan Lane
Chuege & Lor Thao, 5902 Rogan Lane
Mai Vang & Thai Chia Her, 5706 Rogan Lane
Ka Vue & Yang Vang, 5704 Rogan Lane
Thaddeus Streeter, 5002 Tanya Street

Brandon & Ashley Crawford, 4102 River Bend Road
Jeff & Kathleen Dennis, 4106 River Bend Road
Ashley Detterbeck, 4108 River Bend Road
Gary Garand, 4110 River Bend Road
Mark & Kathryn Johnson, 4202 River Bend Road
Shari Markofski, 4302 River Bend Road
Andrew & Natalie Mykytsey, 4308 River Bend Road
Joseph & Christine Ellis, 4402 River Bend Road
John Oglesby, 4502 River Bend Road
William & Linda Kent, 4602 River Bend Road
Andrew & Dessia Reinke, 4606 River Bend Road
Timothy & Terri Markstrum, 4608 River Bend Road
Jodene Swoboda, 4706 River Bend Road
Michael & Jane Kessel, 4802 River Bend Road
Kenneth & Terry Larsen, 4806 River Bend Road
Todd Dumdey, 4902 River Bend Road
Dean & Lori Lewis, 5002 River Bend Road

Chris & Roberta Siegharter, 4405 Deer Street
Kenneth & Diane Ligman, 4401 Deer Street
Michael Miller, 4303 Deer Street
Judith Stoltz, 4219 Deer Street
Patrick & Amy Simpson, 3206 Rudolph Drive
Bree Sandquist, 3204 Rudolph Drive
Tiffany Piaszak, 3202 Rudolph Drive
Shirley & Beth Manning, 3306 Eau Claire Avenue
Larry Hirsch & Patricia Gilray, 3002 Eau Claire Avenue
William & Diane Merce, 2912 Eau Claire Avenue
Richard & Charlotte Boehmer, 2906 Eau Claire Avenue
Shirley Radtke, 2812 Eau Claire Avenue
Kevin & Debra Traeder, 2706 Pleasant View Drive
Daniel & Sandra Grabko, 2702 Pleasant View Drive
Robert & Peggy Mecklenburg, 2610 Pleasant View Drive
Rebecca Weisenfeld, 2606 Pleasant View Drive

Anthony & Kim Blume, 1409 Heuss Avenue
Jesse & Natay Grieb, 1503 Heuss Avenue
David & Sue Pilon, 1603 Heuss Avenue
Alissa & Shannon Lodholz, 1613 Heuss Avenue
Ronald & Karen Windorski, 1619 Heuss Avenue
Robert & Dona Stieber, 1711 Heuss Avenue
David & Malissa Johnson, 1717 Heuss Avenue
Norman Imig, 1721 Heuss Avenue
Scott & Peggy Smith, 1710 Heuss Avenue
Mee Moua & Yee Vang, 1604 Heuss Avenue
Megan Warosh, 1412  Heuss Avenue
Kenneth & Mary Peters, 1408 Heuss Avenue
Tenant, 1404 Heuss Avenue


Anthony Loss, 9945 Siberian Drive - $25.00 Red Clover Market Gift Card
Scott Atkinson, 9004 Windemere Place - $25.00 Trigs Gift Card
Lor Thao & Chuege Thao, 5902 Rogan Lane - $25.00 Kwik Trip Gift Card
Jean & Scott Laffin, 6111 Thomas Avenue - $25.00 Patron Gift Card
Jodene Swoboda, 4706 River Bend Road - $25.00 Tine & Cellar Gift Card

Chris & Roberta Siegharter, 4405 Deer Street - 55" Sharp Roku 4K UHD TV!!

TV Winner Pic

Pictured from left to right:  
Jeff Wolfe, General Manager of Advanced Disposal Services,
Chris & Roberta Siegharter, tv winners
Meleesa Johnson, Director of Solid Waste, Marathon County Solid Waste Department
Valerie Parker, Planning Technician, Village of Weston


We want to remind everyone that now more than ever, it is important to Recycle Right!

Never, ever put garbage in the recycling bin.

Never, ever place plastic bags or film in the recycling bin.

Never, ever place grease-soaked or soiled paper products in the recycling bin.

Never, ever place large plastic items in the recycling bin.

Never, ever place batteries, light bulbs or waste oil in the recycling bin.

Never, ever placed household hazardous waste in the recycling bin.

The yard waste site is located at 8200 Ryan St Weston, WI or you can contact Advanced Disposal for a yard waste recycling cart (at a cost).

Always check the Village’s list of recyclables required to be recycled.

When in doubt call the Marathon County Solid Waste & Recycling Information Line: 877-270-3989, Advanced Disposal Services: 715-359-6637, or the Village of Weston 715-359-6114.