Where is Weston


The southern suburbs of Wausau are easily identified with the DC Everest School District.  The communities that make up the district include; Villages of Weston, Rothschild, and Kronenwetter.  City of Schofield; the Towns of Reid, Ringle, Wausau, Easton, and parts of Norrie.  Even some residents of the City of Wausau lie within the DC Everest district boundary.  It's no doubt that it can be quite confusing knowing what community you are in at any given time. 

In an attempt to help clear up some of that confusion and to highlight the treasures of our community, the Village would like to invite everyone to join us in a little quiz.  Follow the link below to a quiz that will test your geographic knowledge.  20 area locations are listed in the quiz, and it's up to you to choose which community you think that establishment is located in.  The first 10 individuals to get all 20 locations correct will be given a pair of daily passes to the Weston Aquatic Center (Only one winner per family).  No need to stop after the first ten though, as anyone with a score of 100% will be entered into  a drawing for a family pass for the 2022 pool season at the Weston Aquatic Center!  

Take the quiz!  Click Here

Psst...You can take it as many times as you want and after you complete your first quiz, you'll get a little help for next time.