Starting a Business in Weston

Starting a business is an exciting endeavor - and can sometimes feel daunting. There are many steps along the way to opening the doors to a new business. Village staff can guide you through permitting, zoning and construction processes to ensure you've got a great location and building to house your business. As a one-stop shop, we can help with:
  • Zoning permits - We issue permits for the type of building, location, zoning, change-of-use issues and required parking.
  • Liquor Licenses- Licenses are issued annually in the Village of Weston with the license term being July 1 to June 30. The Village Clerk’s Office can assist you by providing information on available and/or appropriate licensing for your facility or event. For more information please visit our
  • Site development and plan review - We identify all significant land and building issues that affect the design and feasibility of your project, and help you secure the approval of all Village reviewing bodies.
  • Building permits - We issue construction permits and trade permits for most building projects and change-of-occupancy issues.
  • Site engineering - We provide comprehensive plan review for transportation, sanitary sewer and storm drainage.
  • Installation of signs - We guide the installation and display of signs as regulated by the Weston Zoning Code.
  • Building and neighborhood inspections - We conduct inspections to determine that all construction and development was performed according to code. 

Getting your location ready may involve new construction, an addition, or tenant finish / remodel for an existing building. The process and requirements vary depending on the location and complexity of your building. Contact  to help you get started.