Single-Stream Recycling Services

Single-Stream Recycling
As of January 1, 2014, the Village of Weston and Town of Weston began Single-Stream Recycling collection. By law every residence and business is required to recycle. The Village also has an ordinance, Chapter 66, Solid Waste Ordinance,
which regulates refuse and recycling in the Village. 
As of 1/1/14, every household (single-family up to 4-unit apartments) received a 95-gallon recycling cart where all of their recyclables (plastic, glass, aluminum, tin, metal, mixed paper, and cardboard) can be co-mingled into this one 95-gallon cart. This 95-gallon recycling cart looks like your refuse (garbage) cart, except that the recycling cart has a bright yellow lid with the recycling symbol, along with some simple recycling instructions, printed on the lid.

The Village of Weston contracts with Waste Management for its Residential (Single-Family to Four-Unit) Refuse and Recycling Services. Please note to be guaranteed pick up of your refuse and recycling, you must have your carts placed out at the edge of your property by 6:00 a.m. the day of your refuse and recycling collection.  The Village's contracted collector shall not be responsible for carts not placed out at the curbside in time.

Curbside Single-Stream Recycling Services
  • Recycling collection occurs once every other week on your refuse pick-up day - Recycling Calendar
  • The Village implemented a Single-Stream Recycling Program in January of 2014. Find out more about the In's and Out's of this program by checking out our YouTube video.
  • You can also check out this helpful informational piece on the In's and Out's of Single-Stream Recycling that can be printed off and placed on your fridge.

If you have specific questions on whether an item is recyclable or not, another good resource is visiting the website of the Marathon County Solid Waste Department, or calling 715-446-3101.

Some of the Advantages of Single-Stream Recycling:
  •  Easy for the Customer
  •  Cleaner for the Neighborhood. No more paper and plastic blowing out of the bins on a windy day.
  •  The carts are easy to use
  •  The carts hold a lot
  •  Safer for workers
  •  Promotes Recycling
  •  Communities Love It!!
**Plus, with more people recycling, we save on landfill costs, which will help reduce the costs to the Taxpayer!! 

 Proposed New Recycling CartProposed New Recycling Lid on Recycling Carts

As of January 6, 2014, use of the 95-gallon recycling cart will be required.  Recyclables will not be picked up if they are set out in anything other than the 95-gallon recycling cart that is provided to you by Waste Management.

Learn how to use the new Single Stream Recycling service by watching our In's and Out's of Single Stream Recycling video.

What to do with recycling containers previously used?  Those old recycling containers/bins are yours to keep (unless you are in a rental property where the Landlord provided them for you).  Consider using them to neatly store away seasonal items within your home or garage.  If you do not have a need for them, you could consider giving them to a family member or a friend who could use them (they do not need to stay within the Village of Weston), or you could consider donating them to Goodwill (, or perhaps to Peyton's Promise (, or other local Food Pantry's who uses them to carry all the donated food items they collect in.  Another idea would be to list them on Craig's List.  
Refuse and Recycling collection dates and times will remain the same as they have been in the past.  If you have questions regarding changes in our services, please contact Valerie Parker via e-mail at, or by calling 715-241-2607.  If either your refuse or recycling cart need to be replaced, please contact Waste Management directly at 715-359-6637.

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