5-Year Private Well Permit

Prior to starting your 5-year private well permit process, you will need to have a digital copy of your 10-year well and pressure system inspection report form available, as you will need to upload a copy of that.  A printed copy of your well inspection was provided by your recent well driller inspection.

The Village has recently transitioned to a new on-line permitting software system called Evolve.  Once you have your digital 10-year well and pressure system report available, you will then need to visit the following weblink to start your permit request:  www.westonwi.gov/ePermits.

Once you are on the Evolve Online Permitting page, you will need to create “New Account” (unless by chance you already have one).  Fill out the “Account Signup” page.  Once this is completed, you will be redirected back to the main permit page.

From there you will click on “Permit Application”.  Under “Category”, select “Well”, then click the “Next” box.

Then you will be prompted to type in your “House Number” and “Street Name”, followed by clicking the “Next” box.  If your address does not pop up, try typing just the first few letters of your street name.  From there you should be able to select your address by checking the box next to it, and the clicking the “Next” box.

This brings you to the “Enter Permit Details” page.  Please enter in as much information as you are able to.  The “DNR Inspection Date” is where you will enter in the date of your approved well and pressure system inspection.  Once you have completed this page, click the “Next” box.

The next page is “Create Contacts”.  Your contact information should show, all you need to do here is select your “Contact Type” in one of the three Contact Type boxes (most likely you will select “Owner”).  Then you can click the “Next” box.

The “Upload Documents” page is optional for resident completing the 5 - Year Private Well Permit Renewal. This is where you would attach a scanned-in copy of your approved DNR Well & Pressure System Inspection Form. If you were notified and are completing a 10 year Well & Pressure System Inspection for this year, this document needs to be filled out by a certified well driller and uploaded in order for a permit to be issued (DNR Well & Pressure System Inspection Form).

Once you choose your file on your computer, then click “Upload Document”, then click the “Next” box.  Following this page, you will need to check the box (“I agree to the conditions”), then click the “Finish” box.

You will then see a message box pop up on your screen stating:

Evolvessl.infovisionsoftware.com:82 says:

Your application has been submitted to inspection.  You will be notified 

when the review is complete.

From here click “OK”.

Once you have completed these steps, please contact Will Harrison, Private Well Coordinator, at (715) 241-2635, or by e-mail at wharrison@westonwi.gov.  This is where we will schedule the cross-connection inspection and the drawing of the well water sample.  Both are completed by one of our Utility Operators.