Sign Permits

All regulations for permanent signs and temporary signs within the Village can be found in Article 13 of the zoning ordinance. Please note: Failure to completely fill out the permit and/or supply the necessary documents required will result in the delay of the processing of the permit. All permits must be approved prior to the installation of any signs.

Permanent Sign Permit

Each application for a permanent sign permit shall be filed with the Zoning Administrator on a form provided below prior to sign installation or modification. All applications for new and alterations of freestanding signs require a site plan to be submitted. All applications must be accompanied by a diagram of the proposed sign and pictures of all existing signs on the property.
Permanent Sign Permit 

One-Time Use Sign Permits

Temporary commercial signs and banners and over-street banners for events of public interest require the completion and approval of a temporary sign permit. The following signs DO NOT require a temporary sign permit, but shall conform to the regulations within Article 13 of the Zoning Ordinance: real estate signs, construction or project identification signs, price or temporary item signs (less than 6 square feet in area), temporary individual residential signs, temporary signs for events of public interest, political/election signs, personal greeting or congratulatory signs and temporary window signs. All temporary sign permits expire 30-days (14-days for variable message signs) from the date of issuance and are permitted up to 5-times per year. All permit applications must be accompanied by a site plan for all freestanding signs and by a diagram or picture of the proposed sign.
One-Time Event Sign Permit

Weston Business Park Monument Sign

Businesses within the Village of Weston Business and Technology Parks may apply to be added to the monument way finding signs located throughout the Business and Technology Park and Business Park South by filling out a Business and Technology Park Sign Application. 
Business and Technology Park Sign Application