Sewer and Water Surveys

In June, the village mailed 192 surveys to owners of properties in the "Yellowbanks" neighborhoods. The "Yellowbanks" neighborhoods are loosely defined as the northwestern part of the village, north of Eau Claire Avenue and on both sides of Camp Phillips Road. The 192 property owners represent 232 total land parcels. Surveys from 150 property owners representing 173 land parcels have been returned as of August 20, 2009. This is a response rate of 78% of property owners and 75% of total land parcels.

With these results, it has been determined that there will be no planning for sanitary sewer and water service in the overall area for the foreseeable future, aside from discussion and a decision about Camp Phillips Road this fall. The results of the survey including color coded maps and an overall summary packet are available below for our convenience.

Survey Results